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What you can do if you can’t get pregnant – home remedies and other solutions

A desire for children is a great decision that can change your life permanently. Unfortunately, it is not always so easy to fulfill this wish. It may be that as much as you try and do everything you can to get pregnant, it just doesn’t work out. Possible causes for this can be very diverse and there are many solutions to get pregnant. However, how you can ultimately fulfill your long-awaited wish to have a child depends on what has failed so far. Below you will find possible causes and solutions for becoming pregnant.

Possible reasons for the lack of success

home remediesBefore you try to conceive with help of home remedies, you should first find out the reasons for the previous misfortune. An ovulation calculator, pillows in the right places during sexual intercourse and a diet to improve sperm quality are already very good ideas. Unfortunately, they are often not effective if you or your partner are infertile. Unfortunately, even the best traditional remedies are useless if it simply fails because of infertility.

Before you lose a lot of time, you should first find out whether the basic requirements for fertility are fulfilled. For this purpose you and your partner should do a fertility test. You shouldn’t be too afraid of it. Even if the fertility test for the woman or the man is negative, this is not a final judgement. Most of the time you are not completely infertile, but your fertility is strongly reduced for various reasons. However, the search for possible causes and possible solutions depends on this result.

How about a male or female fertility test?

home fertility testBefore you continue trying to get pregnant, the fertility test is the first and most important step in the problem and solution finding process. There are fertility tests that you can buy in pharmacies or order online. These tests work in different ways. For women, the concentrations of certain hormones are usually measured. For men, the number of sperms per milliliter of ejaculate is determined. These medical home remedies for determining your fertility are useful in some cases, but not strictly positive. In women, hormone levels vary greatly during the monthly cycle.

Without an ovulation calculator or at least a calendar you will hardly find the right time. This is likely to lead to a false negative result. With your partner it will be rather the other way round. The test only tells you how many sperm there are, but not how fit they are. To know this is however important, since only fit sperm can swim to the egg cell in order to get them. So even if there are home remedies for it, you and your partner should not only test your fertility at home, but absolutely go to the specialist. This is the only way to be sure of the result.

What can you do if the result is positive?

ovulation calculator

In the best case, the doctor will determine that both of you are fertile enough to have a child. At this point you ought to be looking for home remedies to help you get pregnant. The most important step here is to determine your fertile days. Just using an ovulation calculator and an ovulation test can significantly increase your odds for success. Already shortly before the fertile days you should try it, because the sperms always need a certain time until they reach the ovum and so there is always a small reserve in the right place.

The muscle contractions at the time of climax also serve to suck up the sperm, so that it is immediately passed on a few centimeters. You can also use a simple trick like placing a pillow beneath your back to guide the sperm in the right direction. There are many tricks that can help you, as other couples have experienced. However, it is important that you stay relaxed. Stress can lead to you not getting pregnant, even though everything is fine with you.

What can you do if the result is negative?

healthy diet

If the test shows that one of you has reduced fertility, many home remedies can help. The right diet can increase your fertility as well as your partner’s sperm quality. Known foods include brazil nuts, meat, poultry, fish and dairy products. All of them have in common that they contain a lot of l-carnitine and increase the production of healthy sperm through certain vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

In general, your partner should ensure a healthy lifestyle and check any medication regularly taken for harmful effects on sperm. A simple trick is not to wear underwear that is too tight, because too high temperatures can damage the sperm. In any case, you should be patient for at least 3 months, as the production of completely new sperm takes so long.

Very similar rules apply to you. You, too, can do a lot for your body with a healthy diet, exercise and no alcohol, nicotine or caffeine. You should do this at the latest when you become pregnant. It is important that you avoid tuna and other wild caught fish, as they are heavily contaminated with mercury. If this is unsuccessful, you should consult a doctor.

Home remedies at a glance

  • ovulation calculator
  • pillow in the pelvic area during sexual intercourse
  • L-carnitine-containing foods for men (Brazil nuts, poultry, fish, dairy products)
  • check medicines for side effects
  • avoid tight underwear as a man
  • sports
  • no nicotine, caffeine, alcohol

Our conclusion

It is frustrating when your desire for a child remains unfulfilled for a long time despite intensive efforts. In order for you to be able to do something about it successfully, causal research is the most important basis. If you don’t get pregnant even though the specialist has certified that you and your partner are both fertile, then there are many home remedies that can help you reach happiness.

With a few tricks, enough rest and patience it will work! Only when the doctor confirms that you or your partner has reduced fertility will it be more difficult. But even in this case healthy food and a healthier lifestyle often help.

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