unfulfilled desire to have children

Unfulfilled desire for children: How to find out the causes and become pregnant?

Do you have an unfulfilled desire to have children and want to know what you can do? You want to know how to get pregnant, but think that you or your partner could be infertile? We have compiled all the relevant information on the subject of “unfulfilled desire for children” for you and suggest five solutions.

Problems may have different causes!

An unfulfilled desire to have children is a problem for many couples. During regular and unprotected sexual intercourse, a couple will be called sterile if the woman has not become pregnant within one year. However, this should not drive you crazy. According to the statistics, one in three women actually waits more than a year to become pregnant. Fertility can depend on many factors. In addition to health or physical problems, factors such as stress or physical overload can also be possible causes.

No children – what can I do?

According to medical experience, infertility is not an unchangeable condition. This means that the diagnosis of infertility is not mandatory forever. Both women and men can suffer from temporary infertility (sterility). In women, various causes of infertility can be identified. For example, the PCO syndrome or the yellow body insufficiency (Corpus luteum insufficiency).

An unfulfilled desire to have children is often related to hormones or a lack of ovulation (anovulation). You may notice anovulation, for example, if your period is missing, in which case you should consult a doctor.

A fertility test also gives you security as a woman.

How does the fertility test work for women?

The aim of the female fertility test is to assess the reserve of the ovaries. As a woman, you have only a limited number of eggs, which will decrease over time. The female fertility test consists of the following checks:

  • ultrasound scans of the ovaries
  • blood tests for hormones

Examination of the blood can indicate whether ovulation is taking place. The hormone Anti-Müller-Hormone (AMH) is examined. After the examination you will find out how much time you have to start a family. The ultrasound examination takes place on the sixth day of your cycle. Among other things, the number of follicles will be determined.

Alternatively, you can take a home fertility test. There are products on the market that you can use, for example, to detect any disorders in your hormone balance. We have collected all relevant information about ovulation calculators for you. An ovulation calculator can help you calculate a woman’s fertile days.

home fertility testYou wonder how you can get pregnant? You have the best chance to get pregnant during your ovulation. The ovulation calculator is especially helpful when there are fluctuations within a cycle. This gives you a better overview of when you’re fertile. The disadvantage of an ovulation calculator, however, is that it is only an approximation. So the ovulation can take place some days before or after. According to statistics, the chance of conception on the day of ovulation is around 30 percent, even for healthy women.

How can the ovulation test help?

An unfulfilled desire to have children in women of childbearing age can be solved by an ovulation test. We have put together a clear list of all the advantages and disadvantages for you.

What are the advantages?

  •  suitable for women with a very irregular cycle
  • more reliable than the ovulation calculator
  • the ovulation test is 99 percent reliable, according to statistics, in determining ovulation
  • when using the ovulation test, no further methods (cycle computer, calendar, etc.) are necessary
  • determination of time of ovulation 24 – 36 hours before

Are there any disadvantages?

  • price
  • there is a danger that you and your partner will put yourself under pressure

What do I need to know about the causes and male fertility tests?

dad with baby

Women’s fertility decreases from the age of 35. This is not the case with men. In theory, males are still capable of procreation in old age. However, in men, too, causes such as hormone disorders, past infections (mumps) and anatomical disorders can be the reason for an unfulfilled desire to have children.

A fertility test can therefore give a man certainty. One can get such a test meanwhile in the pharmacy. This is a so-called sperm test.

This should be observed in the case of an unfulfilled desire for children.

In order to improve sperm quality, a switch to a healthier diet is necessary. Your diet should be rich in antioxidants, zinc, vitamin C and folic acid. In addition, you should avoid some habits that have a negative influence on the sperm quality of the man. For example, the consumption of nicotine, alcohol and coffee should be avoided. In addition, the stress factor at work and in private life should be reduced.

Unfulfilled desire to have children – Five solutions at a glance

  • Get a full medical check-up. Alternatively, you can do a female or male fertility test at home.
  • First of all you should reduce the stress in your life or preferably avoid it. Have you been trying to have a baby for a long time?
  • Sometimes it can help to keep a distance from your desire to have a baby. Thinking about a holiday together or another project.
  • An ovulation calculator or ovulation test can help you find the right moment to ovulate.
  • Zinc can be taken to improve sperm quality. In addition, a diet rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium is recommended.
  • Women can take dietary supplements such as folic acid.

Our conclusion

Inability to conceive can have physical as well as stress-related causes. A female or male fertility test can help you with this. Furthermore, an ovulation calculator and an ovulation test can help you to find out when your female partner is ovulating. There are also some factors to improve sperm quality. According to the experiences of other couples, you are not alone in your problem. Take your time and don’t stress yourself unnecessarily.

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