Dear reader, I'm so glad you're reading my blog. As a mother of 3 children it is important for me to share my experiences with you. They are now almost grown up and the joy of my life. Being a mother-to-be is not easy and a big challenge. All the more it is important to keep together and exchange information. When I was pregnant, I would have liked to have so much information on one website. I have now summarized my experiences and shared them with you here. I hope you enjoy reading my blog!


Unfulfilled desire for children

unfulfilled desire to have children

Unfulfilled desire for children: How to find out the causes and become pregnant? Do you have an unfulfilled desire to have children and want to know what you can do? You want to know how to get pregnant, but think that you or your partner could be infertile? We have compiled all the relevant information …

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Male fertility test

sperm production

Male fertility test – this is how you check your ability to conceive children The problem of involuntary childlessness is quite acute for many couples. Every sixth couple would like to have children, but with no success. In about half of all cases, it is actually the men who are responsible. For women, there is …

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Female fertility test


Female fertility test – What you should know Have you been trying to get pregnant for a long time? You and your partner, however, suspect that one of you might be infertile? Many couples suffer from these problems, so you are not the only ones and you don’t have to be ashamed of that! There …

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Coffee during pregnancy

Is coffee during pregnancy healthy?

Coffee during pregnancy – do you really have to give up your daily caffeine boost? The first thing the majority of grown-ups do in the morning is heading to their coffee machine. For many people, coffee is THE wake-up par excellence and many can’t or don’t want to imagine a start into the day without …

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