Dear reader, I'm so glad you're reading my blog. As a mother of 3 children it is important for me to share my experiences with you. They are now almost grown up and the joy of my life. Being a mother-to-be is not easy and a big challenge. All the more it is important to keep together and exchange information. When I was pregnant, I would have liked to have so much information on one website. I have now summarized my experiences and shared them with you here. I hope you enjoy reading my blog!


Pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms – How to recognize that you are pregnant A pregnancy may not even start as planned. If you notice changes in your body from one day to the next, you should quickly determine whether you are really pregnant. Only then can you live and think in time for yourself and your baby. If …

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Pregnant in your 40s

pregnant woman on the beach

Pregnant after 40 – What you need to know You are pregnant and already over 40 years old? Are you afraid of complications during pregnancy? There is no need to go through these fears automatically because experience shows that even women over 40 can give birth to healthy children, not only thanks to advanced medicine. …

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Why can’t I get pregnant?

child's toy

What you can do if you can’t get pregnant – home remedies and other solutions A desire for children is a great decision that can change your life permanently. Unfortunately, it is not always so easy to fulfill this wish. It may be that as much as you try and do everything you can to …

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Headache in pregnancy

headache in pregnancy

Headache in pregnancy – Can I take drugs at all? While pregnant, the altered hormone level and the growing human being in the stomach can lead to a variety of troubles. Headaches and migraines are also common, but according to gynecologists, these are not classic symptoms in pregnant women. Now many of those affected are …

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Implantation Pain Symptoms

Implantation Pain Symptoms

Do you know the first signs of pregnancy? – All about the implantation pain and the symptoms There are several symptoms that indicate the settling of the fertilized egg. For example, it is always said that there is a implantation pain and implantation bleeding you can experience. Those who have a big desire to have …

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Pregnant in your 30s

Risks in Pregnancy Over Age 30

You are over 30 and would like to get pregnant? Is your biological clock ticking too loud? You have an unfulfilled desire to have a child, but also many concerns? Read here everything you need to know to make your wish come true and experience a pregnancy without age-related risks and complications. Getting pregnant at …

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